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The Mechanics of Manners

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Finding the right mechanic isn’t easy but it’s not impossible. Here are just few signs that your mechanic is a Good Honest Mechanic.

They are Responsive

Repair shops are very busy places but that doesn’t excuse them for not responding in a timely manner. Depending on the vehicle complaint, you may receive a diagnosis within an hour. You still need to give the repair shop time but we will get into that in “How you should treat your mechanic”.

Treats you like a person

Your mechanic should treat you like a person, not a paycheck. Repair shops have a lot of customers but that doesn’t mean you have to be treated like "just another car in line". You deserve the time and attention as much as the next customer no matter how big or small the job is.

Inspecting your vehicle

Unless you are short on time, your mechanic should be checking as much of the vehicle as possible. A lot of repair shops have a “Multi-point Safety Inspection”. For example, this is ours:

Our mechanics fill out this form and we make a copy for the customer to take with them. This allows you understand the condition of the vehicle.

Taking the time to explain

Someone telling you names of broken parts isn’t always helpful. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your mechanic to explain what is wrong with your car. Your mechanic should be able to not only explain what is wrong with your car but also be able to give you reasons why it could have happened. In some cases, they may be able to tell you how to prevent certain things from happening again. Your mechanic should never be afraid of their customer being informed about their vehicle.

Providing an estimate

Your mechanic should ALWAYS provide you with a written estimate. A written estimate should include:

· A description of the specific work to be done on the vehicle

· All of the costs involved, both parts and labor

· A statement that the quoted amount will not be exceeded by a specified dollar amount or percentage without prior approval

You can waive your right to a written estimate, but we don’t recommend that. If you are not sure about the estimate your mechanic should never get upset if you decide to get a second opinion.

Not pushy

A mechanic should never push certain brands on you. The price doesn’t always denote quality. Some shops will push a certain brand simply because of their profit margin is bigger. Ask questions and do your own research.

Scare Tactics

A good mechanic will never scare you into doing costly repairs. They can be honest about the condition of your vehicle without telling you “I CAN’T LET YOU LEAVE WITH YOU CAR LIKE THIS!”. If you’re not sure if they are using scare tactics have them show what is going on with your car. You can always take your car to get a second opinion.

When a decision needs to be made

Never allow any mechanic rush you into a decision. Every person’s financial situation is different and should be taken into consideration with every job performed. Your mechanic should allow you time to make that decision.

Finding something else

Sometimes once the work has started, your mechanic may discover more that needs to be done. This is normal. No work should be performed without authorization from you. They should make a new estimate. They should give you a call and send you a copy of the new estimate. Once you have had a chance to look it over you can choose to approve or deny work.

Looking at old parts

If your mechanic hasn’t offered to show you the parts that were removed you can always ask. It is also your right to take your old parts with you. A lot of people don't take the option but make sure you are not being charged for disposal.


Any quality product comes with a warranty. That should apply to services as well. The only time you shouldn’t expect a warranty is if you insist on supplying your own parts. We offer a 12-month 12,000-mile warranty except on invoices with customer supplied or used parts.

A repair shop should provide quality work AND quality customer service. Don't settle for one or the other.

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